St Paul’s Cathedral

In November 2016, the UK AIDS Memorial Quilt was displayed in London at St Paul’s Cathedral. As shown in the stunning photographs, quilt panels were laid out under the dome of the cathedral, with information for visitors about some of the people memorialised in the Quilt.

Special services were held throughout the day, commemorating those we lost to HIV and AIDS, and also raising awareness of the realities of HIV today.

This was a great success, with 2000 people seeing the Quilt on the day, and many more seeing it on display throughout London over the following weekend.

This also helped raised awareness about the Quilt itself as an irreplaceable piece of social history, and the need to conserve the Quilt and find a suitable permanent home, where it can be properly preserved and displayed to educate and inform future generations of its historical importance.

“We warmly welcome the display of the UK AIDS Memorial quilt at the Cathedral.

“Behind each panel is a profoundly moving story of the courage of each person who died in the early years of HIV/AIDS in this country, and the enduring love of partners, families and friends who continue to remember them.

As we honour their memory, may we continue to work and pray for those worldwide living with HIV/AIDS today, for their right to treatment and care, dignity and respect.”

Revd Canon Philippa Boardman at St Paul’s Cathedral

The Quilt was introduced by Cannon Philippa from St Paul’s Cathedral, and also attending was David Furnish, husband of Elton John, who talked about the importance of continuing to fight for the rights of people living with HIV today. One of the makers of the quilt described what it was like to make, while a representative from the Partnership talked about the importance of the preservation of the Quilt for the future.

This rare opportunity is a chance to see the quilt, remember those lost, raise awareness of the epidemic to younger generations, and help a coalition of charities find a permanent home for the UK quilt to ensure its preservation.