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AIDS Quilt 24

The collection of UK AIDS Quilts were made between 1989 and 1996 to commemorate friends, lovers and family members who passed away from an AIDS related illness during this time. You can zoom in to some of the specific details listed below.

The top left panel remembers Scott Nelson with the date 1959 – 1994. Above his name is the yellow fabric with the shape of Nebraska and has “Nebraska” stitched on top. On the two sides there are drawings of architecture on a blue background. Scott’s friend described him as having a “profound spirituality” and “it’s our feeling that Scott’s sense of spirituality helped him tremendously in living with AIDS – which he managed to do with a fortitude and aplomb that impressed and inspired us all for 7-8 years”.

The top centre panel remembers Wilton Anderson with the date 1964 – 1993. His name “Wilton” is stitched diagonally across the panel, with his photos on the top right and bottom left. There is a silver star at the top right corner on a checked red background. Wilton was described as “the type of person who loved a party and most often was the life of that party”, and “he loved to laugh and make everyone laugh along”, and that “he was an extraordinary talent who was always the first to recognize the latent in others”.

The bottom right panel remembers Robert James Lonsdale. The two magpies on the left are the symbol of the Collingwood football club, which Robert loved and followed. The four white pointer stars, the largest star in the Southern Cross, on the right remember how Robert was always there to help others and is loved by all. Robert’s photo is in one of the stars.

The bottom left panel remembers Anthony Brahame, with the date 1.4.1959 to 14.1.1993. His name is on the side of his photo, where he’s holding a telephone. On the top of the panel it reads: “The bible tells us in mourning to put on sackcloth and cover our heads in ashes. Tony we cry for you, and feel your loss so much. We have torn your photo as you have been torn from us.” The panel has signatures and messages surrounding Anthony’s picture on a pink background.

The right centre panel remembers Alain Dehay. On the left stitched “La Grande Eugene” above a French flag with 1946 on top. On the right stitched “Le Bal” above the UK flag with 1988 on top. In the middle there is stage with a blue curtain, featuring photos of dancers. Below are black and white gloves, holding a ballet shoe and laces at the bottom of the panel.

The top right panel remembers Geofrey Linden Taylor. Above his name, there is a purple Russian Orthodox Church Cross, with purple fabric roses beneath and at the top right corner. His friend Larry writes: “He was my brother in love and laughter for 35 years. He still ‘abides with me’ “.

The bottom centre panel remembers Spanish speaking men and women. The left side of the panel has the names “Oscar, Joaquin, Juan Carlos, Johny, Armando, Paloma, Luis, Victor, Pedro, Felipe, Rodrigo” in white on a red background. The right side of the panel has many red ribbons stapled on a yellow background. Across the panel in the middle is a black banner that has “Viven en nuestros corazones” stitched on top.


Scott Nelson - Wilton Anderson - Robert James Lonsdale - Anthony Brahame - Alain Dehay - Geofrey Linden Taylor - Spanish speaking men and women

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