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AIDS Quilt 42

The collection of UK AIDS Quilts were made between 1989 and 1996 to commemorate friends, lovers and family members who passed away from an AIDS related illness during this time. You can zoom in to some of the specific details listed below.

The left panel is for Georgie Long. Georgie met Frankie at primary school in Londonderry when they were 9 years old. Frankie went on to become Georgie’s soulmate and, after his death, made this panel remembering him. Frankie describes Georgie as being sensitive and loving, and making ‘me feel safer than anyone I have ever known’.

The top panel is for David Clay. Alongside his name appears the text ‘Keep all the Angels smiling in Heaven’.

The right panel remembers Olympian John Curry OBE. John was Birmingham born athlete who consistently won national ice skating championships and took gold in the 1975/6 Winter Olympics. He is considered to be Britain’s and the world’s first openly gay high-profile sportsperson.

The bottom panel is for John Vad Haycock. Above his name are the words: ‘A Life to Remember’ with a design of jeans, a bright waistcoat and red gloves beneath.


Georgie Long - David Clay - John Curry - John Vad Haycock

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