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AIDS Quilt 5

This quilt was made between 1989 and 1996 to commemorate various victims of the AIDS epidemic, you can zoom in to some of the specific details listed below.

The central top panel remembers John Macintyre and was made by his friends, Alastair Hume and Olive Fairley. John was famous for his love of a checked shirt, faded denim and his precious leather waistcoat. These have all been included in the design of the panel.

The central lower panel remembers rockstar legend Freddie Mercury. Lead singer of Queen, Freddie was an inspirational figure to millions of fans worldwide, with songs such as ‘I want to Break Free’ becoming a cornerstone of LGBT anthems and celebrations.

The panel on the left remembers Tony. He is remembered with various images, including one of pop singer Madonna, and a poem written by his friends and the panel maker Susan Sneddon.

The far right panel was made by Fred Hepple in memory of his four friends listed there. The quilt was then donated to the UK Quilt project. Fred adored his quilt, and would wrap it about himself, referring to it as a ‘magic cape’.

The top right remembers Andrew Carter. Andrew was a teacher from Perth, Australia and co-founder of the Australian AIDS Memorial Quilt Project, in October 1989 he received the AIDS Trust award for outstanding service in community awareness of the AIDS epidemic.”


Freddie Mercury - Ian, Peter, Brian, David - Ken and Jed - Tony - Jamie Fraser - John Macintyre - Andrew Carter.

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