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AIDS Quilt 6

The collection of UK AIDS Quilts were made between 1989 and 1996 to commemorate friends, lovers and family members who passed away from an AIDS related illness during this time. You can zoom in to some of the specific details listed below.

The top right panel remembers Stephen. Stephen couldn’t tell his family he was dying, and at his funeral they did not know he died of AIDS. Margaret who wrote the letter below cared for Stephen and many others who did not have family beside them, in Margaret’s words ‘I am now dedicating my life to doing what I can do to love and look after people with HIV and AIDS’.

Below the panel for Stephen is a panel remembering Tom Rowe. This panel was originally displayed in Brighton and was submitted by Tom’s sister, Christina who also donated to the Quilts Project.

The centre right panel remembers Colin D’Eca. Colin qualified to be a doctor before moving to England and becoming a barrister in 1981. Colin was made a director of the Terrence Higgins Trust, providing legal and medical field expertise. Outside of work he was an excellent cook and enjoyed lavish dinner parties.

The bottom right panel remembers Richard Evans. His funeral took place in July 1991, with the reception held at Lighthouse London.

The centre left panel remembers Scott Lago. Scott was one of the original volunteers on the Quilt Names Foundation Project, he was a big Golden Girls fan, with his roots in the southern US states.


Scott Lago - Colin D’Eca - Richard Evans - Tom Rowe - Bruce Chatwin - Stephen - Bernard - For The Children

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