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AIDS Quilt 18

The collection of UK AIDS Quilts were made between 1989 and 1996 to commemorate friends, lovers and family members who passed away from an AIDS related illness during this time. You can zoom in to some of the specific details listed below.

The top left panel remembers Nigel Sturdy. In his friend, June’s words, Nigel kept his courage, dignity and sense of humour even in his darkest days. Despite his own situation, he never complained or stopped fighting. He continued to support others with love and encouragement.

The top right panel remembers Patrick Cowley aka Megatron Man.

The second row left panel is dedicated to Tommy Nutter.

The second row right panel is for all absent friends at CHAL, designed like an umbrella which signifies a shelter for them with love and support.

The third row left panel remembers Amanda Blake depicting a pistol with a shot announcing “miss kitty”

The third row right panel remembers Tim.

The bottom left panel is dedicated to Vito Russo, with a quote in the background “everything that I am tells me that nothing happens when you die”

The bottom right panel is for Juicy adorned with two sunflowers. Juicy is Ronald’s stage name when he created an alternative drag show “Juicy and the Fruits” where he made people laugh while raising awareness and money for AIDS in the “Hearts in the right places” charity. He lived together with Gary until he died creating a home full of love.


Juice - Absent Friend - Vito Rosso - Nigel Sturdy - Tommy Nutter - Tim - Patrick Cowley - Amanda Blake

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