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AIDS Quilt 22

The collection of UK AIDS Quilts were made between 1989 and 1996 to commemorate friends, lovers and family members who passed away from an AIDS related illness during this time. You can zoom in to some of the specific details listed below.

The bottom left panel remembers Jerry Davies. His cousin described him to his aunt (Jerry’s mother) in the letter below: “Jeremy was unique. Although relative to you I knew him for only a short time, I felt and I think he did, that I’d known him for much longer. We developed a close bond. In that time he taught me a great deal. He was determined and passionate about things which were important to him; life and people for whom he cared. He showed me love, kindness and concern, always he encouraged me. He made me laugh. He suffered with so few complaints and no self-pity. It was a privilege to know and love him…He will always have a special place in my heart….”

The bottom centre panel remembers Colvin, the panel is designed with a flight of 5 white doves and stars against a blue background.

The bottom right panel remembers Dale Roberston Oakes, above his name are two theatrical masks and along the bottom a red and white rose.

The centre right panel remembers Chris Hartley, below his name is stitched the legend: ‘ AIDS took his life, not his love.’

The top right panel remembers Andrew Morrison, with an image of a teddy bear on a red background.

The top centre panel remembers Josh Marcroft, the design features a heart with wings around it. The orange background is drawn from Josh’s favourite colour, he was cremated in his favourite orange shirt. Martin, a former partner of Josh’s writes: ‘ “I love you. You were a bastard but you were beautiful. I learned so many things from you. You made me feel safe. You were really important to me and I’ll never ever forget you.”
One of Josh’s longstanding jokes was that if he died he would turn up at the foot of my bed in the middle of the night to haunt me. I hope he does one day. ‘

The top left panel remembers Rev Virgil Hall, at the bottom of the panel is the phrase: ‘Dancing with the Angels’.

The centre left panel remembers Andre Booie, alongside an image of Andre is some music notation and the panel is signed: ‘Mummy, Dad, Denise (sister) and Judy (cousin).


Dale Robertson - Josh Marcroft - Colvin - Chris Hartley - Jerry Davies - Rev Virgil Hall - Andre Booie - Andrew Morrison

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