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AIDS Quilt 20

The collection of UK AIDS Quilts were made between 1989 and 1996 to commemorate friends, lovers and family members who passed away from an AIDS related illness during this time. You can zoom in to some of the specific details listed below.

The top left panel remembers Frank Wilson. Frank’s name is depicted on a landscape, reflected in a lake or pool below. to the right is white Celtic design on a blue background.

The middle left panel remembers Peter Davies with a design of black and a bright pink triangle. The pink traingle bade was used in the Holocause as a way of marking homosexual prisoners.

The centre left panel features a grey background and a flight of white birds, maybe swans in a v formation. This panel remembers Andrew. The panel above this is gold and remembers Sylvester.

The bottom left panel remembers Roderick Stevenson. In an acrostic style the words: video, Elvis, kids, sixties music, run off his name.

The bottom right panel shows a map of the south west of England for BP Devon and BP Somerset to remember those who lost thier lives from this part of the UK. The yellow lettering is representitive of sunshine and the yellow beaches friends have walked together. The blue represents the clear blue skies, and the dove as a symbol of peace.

The centre right panel is for Anthony Perkins, with his name stiched in black on a red swatch of cloth. Above this is a knife with a black handle and a shower curtain, a reference to the film Psycho, in which he starred.

The top right panel remembers Dean, who was originally from Taunton but moved to London where he enjoyed a vibrant social life.


Roderick Stephenson - Sylvester - Frank Wilson - BP Somerset/ Devon - Dean - Anthony Perkins - Andrew - Peter Davies

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